Marijuana Detox

Marijuana is not really considered adictive and detox to quit using cannabis is not usually neccesary and can susally be done by quitting cold turkey. Only a few rare people have had issues with physical dependancy using marijuana. The term "Marijuana Detox" is usually implied for passing drug tests, particularily urine marijuana and blood tests.

Best Strains To Smoke After Marijuana Detox

Marijuana Detox Drinks

Marijuana Detox drinks are not legal to use in every country or even state. If you have 20+ days it is possible to cleanse your body, but it is hard work and exercise. The only way to naturally detox it is to exercise, exercise, exercise. THC saturates in your body fat, so it is best to burn it off. You can almost completely expel within that time frame by exercise alone. It is not exercise unless you sweat!

Detox By Sweating

Steam room/Sauna speeds things up but stay hydrated and seek medical guidance before going too extreme.

Drink cranberry juice daily. Cleanse your kidneys and it will help clean you blood of THC.

Always dilute your urine before your own marijuana test (for fun) by drinking water, and if you're in a panic and have no cash for a detox kits, try eating 4 cheese slices with a cup of everyday household vinegar (disclaimer, we do not suggest you do this, article is for entertainment only).

Drug Test Tricks

Another trick is to take vitamin B pill and drinks lots of water 3-4 hours before your test. If you drink tons of water, and they also test you for low creatine, then they know that you abused the test, which is fine, as a false test is not a positive test!

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